The Machine
That's Making

  Our original autopen machines have always been in the news, but in the past few months Automated Signature Technology's workhorse Ghostwriter and MAXWriter autopen machines have been prominently featured in The Washington Post and Northern Virginia Magazine.
    To read Tom Jackman's Washington Post story, click here; to read Buzz McLain's Northern Virginia Magazine take on how seriously we take our customers' privacy, click here.

The Machine
For Your

Your organization is as unique as your signature; therefore all machines are designed to meet your unique signing needs. High-quality handwriting reproduction, ease of use and writing instrument choice are standard on all models. Our models cover a wide range of capabilities from signing letters, forms and specialty items to addressing envelopes and writing full-page personalized letters.

We Have Been
Doing This For
A Long Time...

  There is no substitute for experience, and Automated Signature Technology has plenty of it as they have been making autopen machines longer than anyone.
   Just last year in 2012, the company celebrated the 70th anniversary of the autopen's invention by Robert M.
De Shazo, whose family is carrying on their father's legacy by still producing the only American-made autopen on the market in Sterling, VA. READ MORE

The Machine
Only YOU Will
Know About

  Technology may frequently change, but one thing has remained constant at Automated Signature Technology: Our commitment to customer confidentiality.
  As a customer once remarked, “The signature machine is the best friend you don’t want anyone to know you have.” We respect this choice and let YOU decide what to say or not say about your machine.

The MAXWriter: A Machine
That Can Do It All

  You have thousands of letters to send out, you want each one handsigned with a personal note or phrase added after the signature, and you want all the addresses on the envelopes to also be handwritten.
  You also have no time to do any of this.
  The solution for many busy executives is the MAXWriter. It performs all of these tasks, pulling from your database and automatically feeding the next envelope or sheet of paper. As the video on the left shows, you set it up, then sit back and forget about it. See All Products

The Ghostwriter: A Workhorse
That Never Sleeps

  Studies consistently prove this point: Personally signed documents generate higher response rates than those don't have handwritten signatures.
  Don't have time to sign all this correspondence? Consider, then, the Ghostwriter.
  As you can see in the video on the left, the workhorse Ghostwriter signs letters, pictures, books....just about anything. Your signature is stored on a secure smart card and can be hard at work signing documents...even if you are thousands of miles away. See All Products

The Only Autopen
Manufactured In The USA

The Ghostwriter signature machine is the ONLY digital autopen available that is made in the USA. Our headquarters and manufacturing facility are located outside Washington D.C. in Sterling, Virginia, and we are a family-owned and operated company. Many family members were involved in the early development of autopen models, and our staff has over 150 years of collective experience in the signature machine business. Because of this foundation, we guarantee our equipment to perform as advertised, or we will take it back.

The Ghostwriter Challenge:
Try It Before You Buy It

Here is our challenge to you: If you're not sure whether our machines can write as well as you do, send us your signature and find out. For a limited time, we will - for only $199 - convert your signature to Ghostwriter machine language, send you a sample signed by a Ghostwriter signature machine, and sign up to 250 of your letters with that signature. Plus, if after seeing it in action you decide to buy a machine, we'll credit the $199 against the purchase price. You can't lose! But hurry.....this offer ends December 31, 2015.