The Autopen: We've Been At It Since The Very Beginning

  The roots of the autopen industry run deep throughout the Automated Signature Technology family. That’s because 70 years ago, Robert M. De Shazo, Jr. had a vision that would ultimately lead to what is now known to people around the world as the autopen.

  De Shazo was only 21 years old and working at the Alexandria, VA Naval Torpedo Factory in 1941 when he met Louis Glassman and his colleagues, who had developed an autopen. While impressive, it was determined their version was not commercially viable for nationwide sales.

  De Shazo saw what needed to be done to change this, and after serving in World War II, came home and worked out a deal to purchase the fledgling company. He immediately re-worked the design Glassman’s group had created, inventing the technology that still works to this day. De Shazo eventually called his company the International Autopen Company.

  As with most entrepenurial small businesses, De Shazo initially worked out of his home in the Washington, DC area, and the autopen became part of the family culture. He traveled across the country selling autopens, installing them, and training new customers, all while raising his family. His children

grew up learning all the nuances of the machine, and eventually accompanied him on business trips, learning all there was to know about his specialized equipment and the industry it created.

  In time, the De Shazo children began working in their father’s autopen factory in Arlington, VA, and later in his headquarters and factory in the Washington suburb of Sterling, VA. He trained his sons and daughter in all aspects of the company over a period of several decades before passing away in 1994. Following a period of transition, De Shazo’s children started a new company, creating Automated Signature Technology in 1998.

  Today, Automated Signature Technology continues to be operated by De Shazo's children and their families with the same craftsmanship and hands-on operating approach their father demonstrated. With over 150 years of combined experience in the autopen industry, the company now boasts the industry's leading autopen machine - the Ghostwriter - so you can certainly expect Automated Signature Technology to continue to be the worldwide leader in signature signing equipment for generations to come.

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Legal Disclaimer: The De Shazo family is not associated any longer with International Autopen Company. The use of the term "autopen" has been determined generic by the US Patent and Trademark Office and may be used freely in relation to signature machines. Any company or persons claiming trademark rights are in violation of this ruling.